The animal kingdom’s fiercest fighters


honeybadger The animal kingdoms fiercest fightersHere is a list of a few animals that you would not want to have as pets. They are experts at nature’s battles played out with vicious bites, claws, snarls and scratches. Who would win the war of fiercest animals and claim the title of deadliest predator. It would be interesting to venture a guess.

Two gutsy animals, the honey badger and the wolverine from the weasel family will not back down when it comes to a fight. The honey badger, barely larger in stature than a medium sized dog is named as the most fearless animal on earth according to the Guinness book of records. This fierce creature will accept a challenge from any animal and even steal a kill from a lion.

The powerful and stubborn wolverine is a formidable opponent for any animal and eats almost anything it finds. Wolves, mountain lions and grizzly bears have faced the wrath of this animal in defense of its kill.

The African savannah is home to two of the cat family’s greatest hunters, the cheetah and the serval. The serval wears the crown in this family as the most successful hunter. This animal has an acute sense of hearing which it uses to find food and is able to leap and catch its prey on the ground and in the air. The powerful and swift cheetah uses its tail as a rudder to help it turn while in a sprint. The strength and weight of the cheetah is a definite advantage in a confrontation. Both animals are stalkers and well- camouflaged. I think chances are the serval might come off second best in a battle with the cheetah.

The Tasmanian devil with its erratic actions and the intelligent dingo could possibly be evenly matched when facing each other. The dingo, an ambush hunter has bigger jaws than the Tasmanian devil, who is a stalker and known to deliver a ferocious bite. A factor that at times could help to make the dingo claim the title of victor in a showdown with the Tasmanian devil is its intelligence, size and larger teeth in comparison to the tenacious Tasmanian devil. I think it could be a classic case of brains over brawn.




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